Writer’s Bag 102: Writing Stylist

Article writing is an art that requires special skills and techniques. For effective article writing it is very necessary for the writer to go through certain techniques before starting the article. Every type of article requires a different type of style and this is the factor that brings diversity in the field of article writing.

The writing style of articles is different is this sense that the sentences are supposed to formed in this pattern that they are short and precise. Use of the right words at the right time is the key to writing good articles. A good start and a proper organized body along with the conclusion are very important for a writing style to make a difference.

The writing style also differs with the syntax. Some writers plot to write one clause in one sentence while some wish to write two in one. So it all depends on the structure of the sentence that what style you choose to write. So choose your words well when you write and make sure to make headings and paragraphs of your content.

The tone is also really important. Different tones of the writer make the article interesting. Mostly it is recommended that passive voice should be avoided. The element of negativity should not be there. Sometimes an article written in a friendly tone works wonders that one written in a monotonous tone.

Make sure whatever you write has a centralized theme and proper organization of content is present. This is a vital element required in making a difference. Coherence of speech makes the content presentable. With all these tiny elements put together you can write a good article withal writing style that will for sure make a difference that you want.

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