Tips, Advice for Living and Working Abroad

Spending time abroad gives you a chance to re-invent yourself by providing an opportunity to build a new life to fulfill your destiny. Before you hop on to that plane, you need to have a few tips to note to enable you to renew your life abroad. 

Working and living abroad can be difficult on your first days, especially when you are there alone without support and friends.

This is why Suneeta Shannon has created a website to enable you to find an easy transition to your new life. 

There are forums and courses where you can interact and learn more from each other. is a personally owned website where experiences and advice on living and working abroad are shared while providing helpful tips and courses for your personal growth.



This course will help you to learn the tips on how to make a transition from your current job to a teaching job without having difficulties.

Available in Rwanda, Japan, Ghana, and Kuwait.

Private English Lessons

If you love teaching the English language lessons, whether you are a teacher or want to become one in Kuwait, this course will equip you with tips to recruit private students for English language lessons.

You will learn the trick and working methods that will help you have your private teaching lessons in a short period.

Classroom English Teacher

Whether you are new or seeking a teaching job in Kuwait, this course will help you locate English Language Teaching jobs in International Schools and any of the Private schools in Kuwait.

The course provides a step by step guide for you to achieve this, at a friendly price.


There are three forums where you can subscribe to the monthly membership. The forums are classified specifically for people with similar goals to discuss and promote growth among each other.

1. Private Kuwait English Teachers Membership Site

Meet the online community who are ready to help you recruit your English students and become financially independent. Share and discuss tips and progress in the forum. 

Get your questions answered by experts in this forum as you grow your class and become a professional.

2. Akachi English Easy Children Forum

This is a forum for young learners who are passionate about learning the English Language.

Different methods are used to teach the language to children. 

Singing and Dancing to English songs is one of the most exciting ways that children in the forum enjoy while learning. 

Subscribe to the monthly membership and help your child grow their language.

Our native English speakers will read along with the children as they learn.

Akachi English Easy Forum for Professionals and Adults

On this forum, it is about learning new skills! Students who are subscribed learn advanced English Skills in pronunciation, conversation, and presentation, along with much more advanced benefits.

About Suneeta Shannon

 Suneeta Shannon graduated from Claflin University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Professional English and later studied Behavior Modification at the University of  Alaska.

She has worked on extremely diverse classrooms across America for decades.

Suneeta was employed an worked in the Claflin University, Clemson University, Benedict College and Fayetteville State University.

Moving Abroad

Suneeta decided to move abroad when one of her students shared her teaching experiences in the Middle-East. 

She embarked on this less-traveled path which has now manifested into an epitome of living her best life.

Suneeta Shannon is now an international Teacher at Al-Bayan bilingual school. She provides distinctive services to her students while teaching grade six.

Other Duties

Suneeta Shannon is active globally and serves on the Executive Board for the Afro Asian Economic Council. She also serves in the Women Empowerment group the Financial Liaison.

Suneeta Shannon loves teaching literacy and working with the Community Action Partnership Asset Building. It provides services to US contractors.

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