Kenya: Black Women on Currency

Kenya is a country in the Eastern part of Africa. What is even more charming are her people!

This nation has more than 50 million people represented across 42 tribes with different cultures and diversity. Kenyans are the most friendly and welcoming people you will ever meet.

With different cultures all across the country, Kenya is united under one currency. 

Photo: A woman holding an old Kenyan currency (Above). Suneeta Shannon’s Beautiful Black Money: Edu-currency book cover.

All the old Kenyan notes had the image of President Jomo Kenyatta, the first President of the nation, and the “father of freedom.”

President Kenyatta was among those who fought for Kenya’s freedom against Colonialism and served as first President until his death in 1978. His son, H.E President Uhuru Kenyatta is now the fourth and current President.

The currencies were replaced by new ones in 2019 and now the new notes show the beautiful diversity and the natural resources Kenya is blessed with. The first president’s statue is still in all the notes.

Women and Economy

Every developed country has one thing in common: They have empowered their women economically. 

However, the financial and economical empowerment of women is still a problem and not common in many countries across the world.

It is important to realize that empowering women in society will make the country realize financial and economic stability.

Women drive the world’s economy. Statistics estimate that by 2028, women will control almost 75% of discretionary spending.

Women’s unpaid work averages $10 trillion every year. This is 13% of the global GDP. It is time to give women a fair share of their earnings.

Countries that invest in their women create several benefits for many families and communities. Increasing women’s control of household income leads to improved children’s access to education and healthcare.

Women are Educators

Women’s contribution to society’s transition from pre-literature to literate is truly undeniable. Women are the key players in providing basic education to their children from a young age.

Women in the Workforce

The 2019 theme for International women’s day, “Think Equal, Build smart, Innovate for change.” was designed to advance women’s role in innovation.

Although women’s opportunities are still slim compared to men’s, it is important to empower them to improve the economy and livelihood.

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