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About Me

Suneeta Shannon –  Global Public Figure, CEO, International TeacHER, & Author


My grandmother Julia Dicks Tindal and her daughter Ida Tindal Hunter (my mom) laid the cornerstone for the presence of women’s empowerment in my life. The Tindal women became self- invested in the areas of: propriety, education, and travel.  This became the legacy of Akachi 9, “To fulfill your own destiny.”

Following this maxim of the brand originators, today the passion for leading individuals to building their own global empire is still the mission of Akachi 9.

Akachi (a-ka-chi) is the feminine and masculine meaning of God’s hand. The number nine represents my place as the matriarch’s, the final child

Every piece of this page radiates the power of education, inspiring reciprocity worldwide, and the energy of a promising future.

I graduated from Claflin University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Professional English. Then furthered my education at the University of Alaska studying Behavior Modification.

For decades I worked in diverse classrooms, amidst strikingly different cultures throughout America. Arising from a background in South Carolina, I was first introduced to cross cultural education with the Inuit youth in Alaska. I spent one year working Navajo & Apache students at the American Indian Christian Mission. My background in higher education led to careers with Claflin University, Clemson University, Benedict College, and Fayetteville State University.  My journey abroad began after a college student shared her experiences as a teacher in the Middle East. Determined to fulfill my own destiny, I embarked on the path less traveled and it has manifested into the epitome of living my best life.

I’m an International Teacher at Al-Bayan Billingual School, where I provide distinctive service to my students while teaching grade six. I previously worked for American Baccalaureate School as a KG2 Teacher for two years.

I’m very active globally, and currently, serve on the Executive Board for the Afro Asian Economic Council in Kuwait and on the Kuwait Women’s Empowerment group as the Financial Liaison. My passion is teaching literacy  to Kuwaitis to empower their global legacy. I work very closely with the Community Action Partnership Asset Building where they offer services to U.S. contractors in Kuwait, Free LLC Education, College Advisory Education, and Financial Empowerment Workshops.

 My mission is to share the totality of the work experience abroad. To achieve this, we share the stories and experiences of  people living abroad through videos, interviews and documentaries.

I was South Carolina’s only representative during the Charleston 9.

I was an intern and cultural advisor for the AFL-CIO in an effort to support union workers in a nonunion state. My grassroots campaign led to the successful release of employees who had been jailed for marching for their union rights.

I conducted a nationwide tour, speaking at school assemblies across America with Camfel Productions.

I did coursework at the University of Alaska Fairbanks while concentrating on behavior modification conducting and communications. While at the University of Alaska Fairbank, I also worked with Inuit youth, and witness firsthand the impact of global warming in an artic region. 

I was a college field reporter and television show host for Teen Talk sponsored by Teen Pregnancy Prevention Council.

I was a child radio show host for 94.7 Choice FM, and fully sponsored by the Boy’s & Girl’s Club of America.

In addition to my training and accomplishments, I also holds a North Carolina Natural Hair license.

My Literature

 Author of  poem “Phenominal Big Girl” and twelve books.  Upcoming  “31 Flavors” and currently released “Not By the Hair.”

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Tis the reason for the season. They have my heart no matter where I am.

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Me loving who I am, and capturing memories of cherished adventures.

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From people, animals or the scenery. I acknowledge the beauty of it all

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Exciting Discoveries

Have you ever wanted to travel to Africa, Dubai, Kuwait etc.. but was skeptical due to what you’ve heard, seen on tv or just don’t know how to go about it? Worry no more. I’m here to assist you. 

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Business Filing

Want to establish a LLC business in the United States? I will conduct the filing of the paperwork on your behalf to the state(s) of your choice. Includes an EIN number. Get started now.

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Are you currently a teacher or would you like to become one, teaching abroad? I have the ins and outs for you to be able to do so. Get ready to experience teaching, on another level.


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What do People
say about me?

received_291967505400691 (1)

6th Grade Student

“She never emailed my parents about something bad, she emailed my parents for something good.”

received_291967505400691 (1)

B. Gadson of H.Y.P.E.

“Patient, responsible, honest and maintains professionalism at all times, especially when met with a challenge.”

received_291967505400691 (1)
M. Chitiga 
Fayetteville State University

“She is an outstanding Behavior Modification specialist in classroom management.”

received_291967505400691 (1)
-G. Faison 
Black Women Empowerment of Kuwait

“Overseas contractors can go to her to establish a LLC in America while working abroad.”

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